We CAN Feed ourselves NL!

500,000 Citizen
4Lbs/day or 1,460Lbs/year in food
500,000 * 1,460Lbs = 730,000,000Lbs/year in Food, to feed NL
1 acre = 50,000Lbs of food per year for 34 people (50,000Lbs / 4Lb / 356 day = 34)
730,000,000Lbs / 50,000 Lbs/acre = 14,600 acres to feed NL
1 acre = 250,000Lbs of food per year for 171 people (250,000Lbs / 4Lb / 356 day = 171)
730,000,000Lbs / 250,000 Lbs/acre = 2,920 acres to feed NL
Government just released 64,000 hectors or 158,147 acres, so we have the LAND 😊
So NOW we need to Lobby Gov and the People of NL that we want 10,000 acres fully DEVELOPED and SUPPORTED with Farm loans of $100,000 per Farmer/acre 10,000 * 100,000 = $1Billion
Getting $1B?? Yet if we give farmers the land (only $2/acre $4/Hec) EI and $10,000 loan to start, it cost $100 Million.
So $100 million Dollars, can get 10,000 farmers, growing ALL the food we require for ALL of NL.
Eating Local, Home Grown, Fresh, Organic, Produce! WOW! What Saving we would have in on our Health System, with the population eating healthier.
The saving on our highways with less heavy haulers, less pollution, less accidents.
Creating 10,000 Good paying job/Livelihoods that will give then/us $100KPlus/year as income.
There we are creating a $100,000,000 A BILLION DOLLAR Industry WITHiN NL and Keeping OUR wealth HERE at HOME!! –
We WILL LOBBY the Gov about this. We need to get at least 1,000 NEW Farmers, and I’m ONE!
As with anything in Life. Build it and they will come. Grow it and they will buy.
All Ideas should be Created, Success or Failure. All need to be Tried.
Many are Proven, Successful, and we Advance on them
We first need a COMMON Goal! What about this “Sparking Humanity’s Next Giant Leap” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2h…
I’m here for NL, yet it’s only a stepping Stone, for the World! What we have in Natural resources in NL, and with a population of 500,000.
With Permaculture in the Woods, we can create we can grow 50,000lb on an acre of land, feed 34 people for a fully year (4Lb/day) http://bit.ly/2o4wElc
Add Aqua/Hyrdo/Air/Fogaponics and you get 250,00Lb http://bit.ly/1DJzvRW So 500,000 people, eating an average of 4Lb a day, for 365 day, equals 730 Million Pounds of food a year. 2,920 people, with 1-3 acres can FEED ALL of NL!!! (730,000,000/250,000 = 2,920)
Now us Nlders like to eat so say we eat 8Lbs/day. We need 6,000 farmers. That would make $100,000PLUS a year.
Can we PAY YOU to become a FARMER?
Can WE get 10,000, 6,000? 3,000? 1000? I know that I will be ONE! 🙂

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