Virtual Reality/Electronic Voting System

VR vote-555x250

Basically, most people today has a smart phone (Those that don’t, will have one provided with the system) and they can connect to the world, ever second, 365 days a year.

So we can vote every second, 365 days a year, on all and every matter that needs or requires a vote from the citizen. (Voting can be set to be local in the community, provincial/state, country or on world matters) Why leave every decision to 40 people or less, for 500,000+ citizens.

I picture two voting systems. I get up in the morning, getting ready for the day. I go to my fridge and on it, there is a EVoting Display. I login in with my PW, I enter my SSN, I look in the Retinal scanner and then is all is matched, I can then look at the questions of the day and vote. The question can be a simple as closing to the library in my town, (Regional concerns/matters/issues) to voting on the Provincial budget, or if we go to war.

I want a say on ALL matters that effect my Rights and Freedoms.

When it comes to having the masses vote for an election or major decision. Then a time and date will be set (Get notice on the Evoting Display) At that time, I will place on the VR Voting goggles.

Everyone is in the same VR Room and we can see all citizens present. The question will be asked, and hands will be raised and automatic counted. The results are posted and viewed, with our own eyes, with in minutes. Thus reducing cost, corruptions, errors.

This is the only way to have a truly open and honest democracy. Where ALL have a equal Right in a vote. All other systems are corrupt, controlled, or used to the advantage, of who has the most wealth. (Greed)

This Virtual Reality/Electronic Voting System, is a new idea and concept and partially developed. Yet to have a fully functional system, we have to create it. I have software designs that are interested and can create the system.

Is this something that you and others are interested in co-creating and make a better and fairer world for all? If so, in what can you contribute, participate, help in developing the VR/EV system.

What I suggest is that once a vote is called and the voter/user, sends their vote, that the system count, and register the vote in the system. Than the system send a confirmation message, back to the voter. The voter will confirm the message and the vote (Security Check) and send reply to the system.

This way we know that a vote was made, it was sent, it was registered, confirmation that it was received, confirmation that it was correct, and approved by the voter. This system or something similar can be designed and implemented for the next election, 2019 for NL, Canada


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