NL NEED a New Government and WE start recruiting TODAY!

Who’s ready to STAND UP for NL and it’s People?

Fighting NLder
Who would LOVE, to run as an Independent, in the Next, Provincial Election, for your District, or for Any District, as long as you are Fighting for NL and it’s People!
I know, there are many that would like too, some truly want to, and a few, WILL. Thank you for Standing Up.
I will  get 40 people or more, from Across all NL and in every District, so that WE the PEOPLE can FORM the Next Government.
Who’s In?
As soon as we get 40 individuals, I will make an announcement on the Radio. VOCM and CBC. That we have Officially Started the movement, and looking for Citizens to Support us, ALL.
Craig – One Fighting NLder
Fighting NLder Hand

Today,  we have 8 citizens that offered to step up, to the the Call, and Stand as Independent Representative for NL.

Thank you ALL.

Now we need 32 more, and cover the ENTIRE Map in GREEN…/Newfoundland_and_Labrador_genera…

Baiv Verte-Springdale
Waterford Valley
Humber – St Barbe
Harbour Main
Mount scio
St. John’s east-quidi vidi district
St. George’s – Grand Lake

Independent Reps NL 2019


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