WOW !!! Where does the time go.

Well, from my last entry, it looks like it have been 4 years since I have made a post on this blog that I created. In a sense a lot has happen and in reality, nothing really changed.

So where does this leave us today?

Well I’m started on a path, which I have wanted to do for a very long time. Sailing. More so, sailing around the world.

I have been doing a lot of net surfing, viewing web site on sailing, watching videos on sailing and posting in sailing forums.

I have set my mind, that I’m going to prepare now, so that when I do find a boat, (30-50′ schooner preferably) to either purchase and or sail on, I will be able to go and not worry about how I’m going to finance a cruising lifestyle.

Two of the main ideas that I have is:

1. Set up “High Seas Barter” A barter system where sailors from around the world can sign up, and barter their goods, services, and time, in return for others goods, services and time.

So an example is; I’m in the British Virgin Islands and I need to have my engine service. I send an email through the site and all members are informed. Meanwhile, Jane in Boston, knows that Phil is a Diesel Mechanic, and is currently sailing in the BVI.

The woodworking that I did on Frank boat, 4 months ago was for $300 and the bottom cleaning I did on Dwayne and Alice’s boat, got me another $80.

I receive a message from Phil, and he is in the same bay and will stop by tomorrow for a look. Phil charges me $100 for servicing my engine. I had to replace the pump that cost $300. But luck was on my side, for the local marine service station is with High Seas Barter and I had a discount of 30% for referring customers.

It only cost me $310 credits, leaving me with $70 on my account with High Seas Barter, Enough to take Phil and Mary out for dinner.

2. Is a online fundraising site for School/Charities/groups, etc.

This is what I vision

Schools, foundations, charities, group etc. would registered on a website.

They set up a small Bio of their cause, and a title “Ocean Crest Volleyball Field Trip” A web site will be provide for each registered group. Once this is completed the group moderator will have each member of their group register.

Each member, then will have their own special page, and link to the groups website. They can email family and friend to promote, and or add the names of the people that gave to the fundraiser on the online form

Ex: Mike is on the Ocean Crest Volleyball team. Mike signs up under the Ocean Crest Volleyball Field Trip web site. and get the page “Ocean Crest Volleyball Field Trip/MikeT001”

Mike is very busy with Hockey and volunteering, so he goes to his page, and copy and paste in to his email, a pre-written letter of his Ocean Crest Volleyball Field Trip, and adds link to his page. Sends an email to his network.

Family and friends get the email, goes to Mike’s page, see’s a product they like, need, or want. They click on the item, provide their info, pay for the item/make a donation.

All items purchased, will then be totaled, orders will be sent to overseas provides, and products will be sent to the school for local distribution, and or be shipped at buyer costs.

The site would provide everything required for fundraising (Downloadable PDF forms, flyers, brochures, etc,)

The Basic.

1. School/group/charity signs up
2. Students/members of groups will all set up accounts.
3. They fund raise for the products listed (send email, take order directly)
4. Orders are placed through the website, by others or the members.
5. Orders are sent and products are shipped
6. Funds are collected and shared with School and members/Affiliates

Those products are sourced in China/India where they can be sent directly to the Schools, foundations etc.

We are the middle person, and may not be required to touch a product, don’t need to see a person, and can do this anywhere online.

One product that I have researched, will cost $1  including delivery. They can easily sell for $10 each. Retain $2 for costs,  and split remainder 50/50 with schools….

We could even setup a paid affiliate program for other sailors to join, thus supporting their cruising lifestyle. Maybe a $20 signup fee and get paid $0.25-$1.00 for each product sold through the group that they sign up.

It is worth Millions. All we really need to do is setup the site, and tell others sailors about it. They in turn tell their schools/groups/people about a great fundraising opportunity.

Just for this one product, a fund raiser can happen twice a year and millions upon millions are required to be used each and every year.

What is needed is a web programmer/designer to set up the site, other sailors willing to support and spread the word once the site is up an running.

Your thought, ideas, support is welcome.
Let’s make this happen!
Craig 🙂


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