“Box It Up – Bringing Christmas Smiles to the World :)” Creating a Foundation Together

About a foundation that I want to start up called “Box It Up”.

The basic idea behind the foundation is based on the Pareto Principle, or the 80-20 rule, and childhood events that happen to me.

As a child our family was not well off, in the material sense, yet we had love and all the basics and what my parents could provide. Some of my family (Great Aunts and Uncles) moved to the USA, and they would send boxes of cloths to us in Newfoundland, Canada.

Each time we received a box, it was like Christmas. Our faces would light up and we would be so happy. We would open the boxes; take out the cloths which fit us, and the ones that were left over, we would pass them on to other families in our small fishing village, of Fleur de Lys. Thus in turn, made those children felt like it was Christmas.

Well, 30 years later, we are all in better circumstances, so much so, that we are at the point where we have too much clothes in our closets.

Ask yourself this question. How much clothes do I actually wear, from all that I have? If you are like most, you will discover that you will wear 20%, 80% of the time, and 80% will sit there, to be worn maybe 20% of the time, and some has not been worn for years.

So this is the concept. We provide “Box It Up” plastic orange boxes (so that the receiving family can reuse the boxes), which can be picked up at, say a local post office. The sponsor family will take from their closet, the clothes they wish to donate, clean them, pack them in the box, write on the box the contents (Blanket, boy shirt, baby clothes, dress female, etc) and bring them to a drop of point, like a post office.

The boxes will be ship to us, either by the sponsor as a donation, at our expense, or free of charge with a participating courier (the post office) to a central office, (major city). The boxes are packed into a shipping container, and shipped to an overseas destination, and given to deserving families, to be share among their community.

So we require companies that are willing to work with us, and provide us with the following, so that we can start this vision.

Shipping container 20′ (for starting)
Cardboard boxes (Enough to fill the container)
Local sponsors for donating clothes and funds (for our first shipment)
Paint for the container
Company to spray paint the container
Shipping companies, both local and international
Web Designer for web site
Logo Designer for decals

There will be more as we grow.
So if you can help of know of someone that can, please make contact with me and we can work together, to bring a smile to a child and families face, like we get each Christmas. “Box It Up – Bringing Christmas Smiles to the World :)”


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